The mission of the Town of Snowflake Building Safety Department is to protect the lives and safety of the residents and visitors of Snowflake, preserve the Town’s quality of life, and contribute to the its economic development. This is accomplished through implementation of the building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and fire codes, as well as Americans with Disabilities Act regulations, along with local and state laws for construction and maintenance of commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Snowflake has adopted nationally recognized building codes, which set forth minimum requirements that are vital to safeguard the public health, safety, and general welfare through structural strength and stability.  This is accomplished through a three-tiered process of Plan Review, Permit Issuance, and Inspections.

Building Code

As of 10/7/21, the Town of Snowflake will require that construction be completed in a manner to meet the 2018 International Building Code. This applies to all new construction and remodeling that is issued a permit on or after 10/7/21. This change was approved by the Town Council on 9/7/21. Questions pertaining to this announcement are to be directed to Scott Allen, Building Official at 928-536-7103 ext. 232. Here are some some of the changes: Ground Snow Load- 20 PSF Roof Snow Load- 20 PSF Wind Speed 115 MPH Seismic Design Category- Must Use D for Footings.

Plan Review
Building plans must be submitted to be reviewed to determine compliance with the building, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical codes set forth in the adopted codes as well as the Town’s engineering and planning & zoning requirements.

By law, a building permit is required to alter or install a building or structure.  To obtain a permit, a permit application and building plans must be submitted to the Town for review and approval prior to beginning any construction project.

During construction, the Town will conduct scheduled inspections of the building project to ensure that the construction is in accordance with the approved plans and Town’s adopted safety codes. Building inspectors look for building code compliance related to the construction of a structure. Their goal is to make sure the structure is safe.

You are required by law to have inspections completed for all construction activities in order to secure your safety and the safety of future occupants as well as nearby properties.  Inspections are required at different phases of a project. All inspectors and permit technicians attend training to keep up-to-date with construction and technological changes.