Save yourself a trip! The forms listed here are exact duplicates of the forms and information sheets found at Town Hall. Simply download by clicking on the name of the document, print, and complete the forms, then return them to the appropriate department.These forms require the Adobe Acrobat® reader, which you can also download free.getacro

Document/Form Name Description File Size
Water Service Agreement Form to set-up water service 49 kB
Termination of Service Form Form for Terminating Water/Sewer 17 kB
Request for Public Information Request for Public Information Form 154 kB
Town Employment Application For Civilian Positions and Police Dispatch 184 kB
Animal Adoption Application Application for pet adoption 17 kB
Animal Adoption Agreement Terms for pet adoption 11 kB
Police Observer Waiver Ride-Along Permission Form 17 kB
Business License Application for a business license 12 kB
Home Occupation Business License Application 66 kB
Special Event Application Application for Special Event 130 kB
Right-of-Way Use Permit Application Application for use of town street/right-of-way 375 kB
Application for Parade Permit Application for Parade Permit 538 kB