Historic Snowflake Academy Building

The Town of Snowflake places a high priority on the education of it’s youth. Divided into a Primary School, Intermediate School, Junior High School, and High School, the programs offer the latest in technologies and a variety of extracurricular activities through the Snowflake Unified School District. The school year starts in August, and concludes in the last week of May. Snowflake’s rural environment, active community involvement, and a dedicated staff of professional educators combine to create a safe and progressive learning environment in the primary and secondary schools.

Post-secondary education (both toward undergraduate programs and trade programs) are offered through the local branch of Northland Pioneer College (NPC). The Snowflake branch of NPC, in conjunction with other campuses in northeastern Arizona, offer specialized degree and certificate program degrees geared toward the local employment market, such as nursing, business, computer technology, construction, agriculture, and fire management, along with Internet-based courses.