This is part III of the System Water Plan passed by the legislature in 2005 requiring all water supply systems develop a Water conservation Plan.

3.1 Benefits of Water Conservation:

The objective of the Town of Snowflake’s Water Conservation Plan is to achieve efficient use of water supply resources. The goal is to accomplish conservation through practices and measures that reduce per capita water consumption within the distribution system and water use by the customer. Meeting this objective will allow extending the use of available water supplies and existing infrastructure into the future.

It should be emphasized that to the Snowflake Water Utilities, conservation means using water wisely. A well-designed Water Conservation Plan will not deprive our community of essential water uses. Rather, it will provide a blueprint for more efficient water use. This approach could have the following benefits.

  • Lower water bills for customers.
  • Control of future water rates.
  • Extended availability and improved protection of water resources.

3.2 Water Conservation Planning Elements:

Elements most critical to the development of a water conservation plan include indoor and outdoor conservation practices, landscaping practices and plumbing retrofit installations. Other elements considered in preparing this plan are:

  • Plan to meter all town government water use.
  • A plan for public education and information.
  • Plumbing Code requirements.
  • Universal metering.
  • Water audits and leak detection requirements.
  • Plan implementation.

These elements are placed in three implementation phases; (1) Change in immediate practices, (2) Education, and (3) Monitoring. These phases will be discussed later.


3.3.1 Ground Water Supply System:

The Town of Snowflake currently maintains 4 wells throughout the system. Well # 1 (425 gpm) and Well # 2 (1200 gpm) primarily supply water to the downtown areas. Well # 3 or the Snowflake Heights Well (600 gpm) supplies water to the Snowflake Heights area and also loops into the downtown area supplying water during increased demand periods. Well # 4 or the Pinhead Well (800 gpm) supplies water to the west side of town and also loops into the downtown area supplying water during increased water demand periods.

3.3.2 Ground Storage:

Well # 1 and Well # 2 both pump into a 1,000,000 gallon storage tank located in the downtown area. Well # 3 pumps into a 300,000 gallon tank located in the Snowflake Heights area. Well # 4 pumps into a 300,000 gallon tank located on the West side of Town. Total storage capacity is 1,600,000 gallons of water.

3.3.3 Future Growth:

The Town of Snowflake anticipates growth to continue at around 6% annually. Preliminary stages are under way to prepare and plan for an additional well site with storage towards the far west side of town, the direction of growth.


3.4.1 Plumbing Code Requirements:

The Town of Snowflake is considering enacting an ordinance that adopts the International Plumbing Code (IPC) 2006. The Town recognizes the IPC to be more in line with conservation efforts.

3.4.2 Universal Metering:

The Town of Snowflake recognizes that to determine amount of water loss it must meter all lines connected to the water mains. The Town of Snowflake is proceeding with a plan to begin metering all town government connections to the water mains. Due to the expense of larger meters and labor costs involved the town anticipates this project to take several years to implement in its entirety.


3.5.1 Public Education and Information:

The Town of Snowflake will promote water conservation by informing the public about methods to conserve water and demonstrate ways to become contributors to the plan. This information will be distributed with the customer water bill. Conservation tips will also be posted to the Town’s website.

The Town of Snowflake’s water personnel periodically visits with schools to help educate the youth on the wise use of water.

The Town of Snowflake’s water personnel periodically gives tours of the water system to scout groups during these tours conservation is discussed.

3.5.2 New Customer Program:

Material describing water conservation tips is available to new customers when they apply for service. They will also be advised on how to determine if they have a leak.

3.5.3 Plumbing Retrofit Program:

The Town encourages customers and owners of buildings that do not have water conserving plumbing devices to retrofit their old fixtures. The Retrofit Program show customers that long term money and water savings can be accomplished by retrofitting old plumbing.


3.6.1 Ongoing Audit of Customer Usage:

Individual metering is required on all single family residential dwellings attached to the town water system. During meter reading each month, Town of Snowflake personnel watch for spikes in above average water usage and report them. Staff will contact the user to verify that this large usage is not due to a potential water leak. Staff also observes lower than normal water usage and ensures that it is not a pattern caused by a malfunctioning meter. If the meter is suspected of malfunctioning it will be tested and if needed replaced.

3.6.2 Leak Detection and Control of Unaccounted for Water:

The Town will conduct an internal audit to confirm that the water system is free from excessive leakage. This will be accomplished by comparing water pumped with the amount of water billed on a quarterly basis. The plan will begin once all town government usage is metered.

When loss of water is greater than 10% during any quarter, the comparison will be reviewed the following month if the source is unknown. If the loss again registers over 10% leak detection equipment will be used over that portion of the system to detect if there is a water leak.

3.6.3 Plan Implementation:

The Town manager will act as the administrator of the Water Conservation Plan. The Administrator will oversee the execution and implementation of all elements of the Plan. He/she will oversee record keeping for program verification.

  • An Ordinance by the Town to implement the legal documents necessary to enact the Drought Preparedness Plan and this Water Conservation Plan.
  • Enforcement of current Plumbing Code requirements to use Water Conservation fixtures and devices.


The Town of Snowflake continues to maintain its goals for water conservation.

  • Determine amount of water loss and reduce this loss to less than 5%.
  • Use internal programs to minimize water use.
  • Continue and expand public education.

Once the Town of Snowflake has better control of water loss, and the ability to determine water usage, the Administrator will attempt to define better monitoring and improve conservation measures.