Who do I call to unplug my sewer?
The Town will cleanout any stoppages at no charges, however the maintenance crews are not allowed to go into the house. Please contact Public Works at (928) 536-7103, ext. 255.

There are sewer smells coming out
The Town can clean the pipe or lift station. The maintenance crews may also use a large deodorant block if necessary to abate the odor.

How long will it take to repair any of the above?
The Town makes every attempt to respond within the first hour, but please not that this is dependant upon workload.

Can I take a tour of the treatment plant?
Tours are available on a case-by-case basis, and the Town will attempt to accommodate as many requests as possible.

Where is the effluent sent?
It goes to a re-use area that waters cattle crops, a 200-acre farm north of the treatment plant. There is a plan to eventually send this water to the golf course.

Where is sewer coverage available?
Please note that sewer coverage is only available within the Town’s limits. Outside the limits, septic systems are used, and permits are required by Navajo County.

Is dumping at the wastewater treatment plant allowed?
No, but  construction is underway to double the capacity.

Who do I contact for solid waste?
Sanitation is covered by a private company. Individual residents contract with Snowflake Sanitation.