The purpose of Animal Control is to provide animal control services to the public.  The Animal Control Officer (ACO) and the Police Department are primarily responsible to ensure that these services meet the requirements of the Town Codes of Snowflake and Taylor as well as Police Department Policy and Procedures.  The ACO is also responsible for the animal shelter. The Animal Control Officer enforces the Town Codes pertaining to animal compliance, including controlling loose and nuisance animals. To report a nuisance animal, please contact the Police Department.

Rabies Clinic

Each April, a licensed veterinarian comes to Snowflake to give low-cost rabies shots to resident’s pets.

Required dog licenses maybe purchased during the clinic.  The fees for dog licenses are $5 for spayed or neutered dogs or $7 for non-sterilized, and must be renewed on an annual basis. The Town code requires that all dogs be licensed.

Adoption Corner

The Snowflake-Taylor Animal Control Program makes every effort to find homes for stray animals. After a length of time, stray animals must be destroyed. Please help us avoid putting down animals by using our Adoption Program.

To adopt an animal, prospective owners must complete an Adoption Application Form and agree to the terms of the Adoption Agreement. The Adoption Agreement states that the animal will be kept as a pet, and that the owner will be responsible for sterilizing the animal. These forms are available by stopping by the Police Department, or you can click here to download copies of the forms that you can complete and then return to the Department.

Animals Available for Adoption

If you are interested you may contact the Animal Control Officer of the Snowflake-Taylor Police Department at (928) 536-7500.

Generally hours of the Animal Shelter are 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday- Friday. The Shelter is located at 600 Snow Blvd, in Snowflake, the building behind the water treatment plant, off Highway 277.