This link is provided for you to access a town map or parcel data as recorded on the Navajo County web site.  You can use your “mouse roller” to zoom in on the map or, you use the “Quick Zoom”  box to see a specific city or town located within Navajo County.

After you click the link below, you will be directed to the Navajo County web site.  At this point you can zoom in or click the red colored “New Search” tab on the upper right side of your screen.  You may also conduct searches using a parcel number, book and map page, streets, or owner information.  The fastest way to access parcel information is to type the APN or tax ID number, more commonly known as your “Parcel” number.

If you are familiar with the city, town or area you’re zoomed into, it is fairly easy to identify a property by reading the street names shown on the map.  You can use the tools provided on the top of the Navajo County page to navigate their site.  To find specific information regarding a property, simply “right-click” the property using your mouse.  To return to the Town of Snowflake web site, simply click the back arrow.  With a little practice, you will soon be able to quickly access property information with very little effort.

(Navajo County Link)