On-Line Magazines

  • Time for Kids
    A news magazine for children, this site covers current events and sports, and it offers challenging games.
  • National Geographic World
  • National Geographic’s online magazine for children with articles, cartoons, and games.
  • Ranger Rick
    This on-line version of a popular children’s magazine offers homework help, articles and activities.
  • Cricket Magazine Group!
    Website for the Cricket Magazine Group thatincludes: Cricket, Spider, Ladybug and Babybug.
  • EEK!
    For children in grades 4-8, this electronic magazine explores environmental education.

Activities and Games

  • Story Cove
    Children can listen to or watch a story unfold on this site. Story Cove folktales come from a variety of cultures and places. They share timeless values and simple, universal lessons.
  • Hoodamath.com
    Hooda Math is all about making math fun. Visit the games page to play math games which help reinforce math concepts. Watch a tutorial to learn math concepts.
  • Familyfun.com
    From Family Fun magazine…lots of crafts and holiday ideas.
  • pbskids.org
    PBS site for kids that includes learning games, paint box, and links to PBS shows.
  • storyplace.org/storyplace.asp-StoryPlace,
    An interactive website providing children with the virtual experience of going to a library. StoryPlace currently consists of two libraries, the Preschool Library and the Elementary Library.
  • Nickelodeon
    A website with games, videos and music for kids

History and Government

  • Best History Websites
    History portal created for students, educators, and history enthusiasts.
  • CNNfyi.com
    CNN site for students and teachers with lots of homework resources and current events program support.
  • History Net
    Historical information and access to history related online publications.
  • Presidents of the U.S.
    Resource on U.S. Presidents created by Internet Public Library.
  • Stately Knowledge
    Information about each of the 50 states, facts, and historical dates.
  • Time for Kids
    News magazine for children covering current events and sports.

Homework Help


  • Allmath.com
    For elementary and middle school…flash cards, metric conversion, multiplication tables, etc.
  • AAAmath.com
    Find explanations of mathematical topics, practice problems, and challenging games organized by topic and grade level.
  • Coolmath.com
    This site is fully interactive and allows the user to sharpen basic math skills, play math-related games and explore new math concepts.

Reading and Writing